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A Game of Life and Death

Case 7 Predator–Prey: A Game of Life and Death
Student Worksheet
What happens when we alter predator–prey interactions?
Make sure you answer the questions in your own words.
1. Create a food chain using the following organisms. Draw an arrow from the predator to the prey.
Great white sharks prey on sea otters. Sea otters prey on sea urchins. Sea urchins prey on kelp.
2. Fishermen used to hunt sea otters on the West Coast because the fishermen and otters were competing for the same resources. Add fishermen to your food chain. Because multiple
interactions between organisms are present in your food chain, and it is no longer a linear chain, the food chain is now referred to as a food web. How do you think this addition will alter your
food chain dynamics? ?
3. Sea otters were almost hunted to extinction. Alter your food web to illustrate the total loss of the sea otter. What do you think will happen to the food web dynamics after the removal of
this predator?
4. How do you think an oil spill would alter predator–prey interactions and affect the interactions within your food web?