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Advocacy Assignment Description

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Advocacy Assignment Description: After completing the advocacy speech, students should be able to: develop a compelling case that vividly explains current problems and provides appropriate
maintain a strong sense of structure without relying on signpost words. make language choices that motivate the audience to take specific actions. deliver the speech in a compelling manner that engages the audience despite environmental
Assignment Description: The advocacy speech asks you to your audience to take actions that contribute to solving the problem you have identified. The persuasive speech asked you to reach out and attempt to persuade the members of your audience that disagreed with you. Now, you must work on getting those members of your audience that agree with you to take some type of action. In this speech, you will foster shared beliefs, identify a pressing problem, provide appropriate solutions, and motivate the audience to act. Shared Identity and Adversaries: The advocacy speech focuses much more on the stylistic use of
language than the other speeches this quarter. Through strategic use of language, you can reinforce the shared values and beliefs of your audience. In reinforcing the shared values of the audience, you can define yourself against an ?adversary.? This ?adversary? could be any individual, organization, or institution that opposes your cause. Course of action: You need to motivate the audience to take specific actions. By ?actions? here,
I mean a realistic set of activities or behaviors that the audience can perform in order to advance your cause. You should specifically outline the course of action that the audience should take. What does the audience need to do in order to support the cause? Boycott certain products or companies? Support a specific advocacy group? Participate in another rally? You should avoid being vague and calling for actions like, ?carry on the good fight!? Example: Let?s say that your speech supported same sex marriage initiatives. You could
reinforce the shared identity of the friendly members of the audience by drawing on values like, fairness, equality, and tolerance. Having established the problem as one of unfair treatment, you would explain what the audience could do in order to help in the fight for same sex marriages. They should attend an upcoming rally, they should support candidate that outline a clear preference for same-sex marriage (and list them), etc.
COM 220: Public Speaking 61
In addition to motivating your audience to action, the advocacy speech must satisfy the following requirements: : The speech should run 5-7 mins . Your assignment grade will be lowered by 5
points for every 45 seconds you speak under or over the target time range.
: There are no formal source citation requirements for this speech. This does not mean that your claims do not need support; simply that an advocacy speech requires less overt citation. You should support your claims with a variety of sources (examples, statistics, etc.)
: You must craft some phrases that inspire action and convey the passion that you
feel for this topic (and the passion your audience should feel).
: You must explain a specific action(s) that the audience should take in order to
support the cause and weaken the adversary.