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analysis essay Plato: “Allegory of the Cave” p. 657

We will continue with this essay to have you work on developing your own topic/thesis.
This essay is an analysis, too-you will choose an aspect ofone of the essays below and write
about it for this formal essay. A good consideration could be choosing whether or not you go
along with the author’s point ol‘view/main idea or not. But, you’ve got to have expert evidence
to back up your opinion.
As such, you’ll need to discuss the author’s effectiveness, or lack-thereof, when it comes to their
topic. Make sure you discuss their main idea as part of your essay as well-remembcr to do the
-iwork for the readcr~-leave no room for them to doubt or misunderstand what you mean.
This is not to say that you cannot expand on your idea for your persuasive paper. Using the
author’s main idea as a starting point isjust an option-you may have other opinions on what
you would like to prove with this essay. Do what you have to do. If you’d like to write on
an_other topic, but have questions about it, you can always check with Marcie.
Choose to work with one of the following essays:
Swift: “A Modest Proposal” p. 478
Plato: “Allegory of the Cave” p. 657
Thoreau: “Civil Disobedience” (h:1n