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Ancient History

admin | July 25, 2014
Paper instructions:
The reliefs that Ramses III had commissioned to adorn his temple at Medinet Habu are truly splendid, are they not? They give us some of our finest, most detailed
evidence so far of a pictorial kind. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>What sorts of information can we get from them?
The Sea Battle
It seems that what Ramses III planned for the sea battle part of this encounter worked quite well. Let the Sea Peoples venture into the delta region and then
attack them both on the water and from land. Pretty clever use of terrain really. Well, the delta has proven time and time again throughout history that it’s a tough
barrier to breach.
The Sea Peoples
Nothing about the Sea Peoples and the apparently associated collapse of quite a few civilizations has been proven to all scholars’ satisfaction. Not who they were,
not where they came from, not why they came, nothing. That was the state of the studies thirty years ago and, while a bit of progress has been made, that is still the
state of affairs today. The closest anyone has come to actually settling any issue is that the identification of the Peleset with the later Philistines is widely
accepted; there are still those who are skeptical though. Our evidence for just who these people might have been, then, is fairly murky. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Does it
matter who they were in the long run or just what they did?
So answer questions with >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>