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Annotated Bibliography

The purpose of the Annotated Bibliography is to provide an overview of the sources you intend to use for the course project. This provides the instructor insight to help you evaluate the appropriateness of your chosen research articles and to provide feedback and direction before the final project is due.
Since your thesis statement tells readers the direction of your paper and argument you want to make, it is important that the majority of your articles support the thesis statement. If you need assistance refining your thesis statement after conducting your review of the literature, it is your responsibility to contact your instructor for help.
Assignment Description
Your Annotated Bibliography must contain specific information and be organized so that it flows logically.
I. Required Organization
1. Title page.
2. Introduction.
A. Identify the test you chose in your Unit 3 Test Selection assignment, and briefly describe the publisher’s stated purpose for its use.
B. Identify the population or psychological condition you chose in your Unit 3 assignment.
3. Thesis statement.
C. Restate the thesis statement from your Unit 3 assignment (or an edited version based on instructor feedback).
4. Article summary.
D. Minimum of 7–10 research articles required. At least two of these should address technology.
E. Each article is to be related to your chosen instrument in some way.
F. Include at least two articles that address the impact of technology on the techniques and applications of the chosen instrument.
5. Conclusion.
G. Synthesize the information you discussed in the article summaries. This should include a brief overview of the current state of the test’s use with the population or psychological condition you chose and what the current research says regarding your thesis statement.
II. Required Content
• Each article can be summarized in one paragraph and should include:
• APA-formatted reference at the start of each summary.
• A brief description of the purpose of the research conducted.
• The participant population.
• Why your chosen test was used.
• How the test was administered.
• Results of the research, including any psychometric and statistical outcomes.
• How the article relates to your thesis statement.
• How technology was addressed (include this for your minimum of two articles that address technology). You are looking for articles that address how technology has changed the delivery of your instrument, how the test is interpreted, and whether technology has changed the nature of the test.