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Atlantic Slave Trade

The topic spotlight this week is the Atlantic slave trade. Please review all sections in the assigned chapters (7-9) of the book Eric Foner, Give Me Liberty, Volume 1, Third Edition – WW Norton & Company that relate to this topic.
Then, please view the video transcript, Shackles of Memory. When you have completed the video, please write a summary of the topic, being sure to follow these guidelines:
– Try to develop an historical thesis about the topic.
THESIS: Something you can conclude about the topic, based on the sources.
– Be sure to include information from all pertinent sources – book, film
As you are watching and reading, be thinking about the following items:
Do the book and film share a perspective?
Can you identify the:
• Topic
• Key figures
• Time frame and historical context (when did this happen and what else was going on?)
How will you discuss the:
• Major events
• Causes of the events
• Results of the events
• Explain what you think is historically significant about this topic. What does it reveal about that era of history?