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Business Environment Report

–Choose a company and a foreign country in which the company is doing business.
– Based on either your first-hand experience or second-hand source
– Choose a particular environmental factor(either culture, ethics, political system, economic system, or economic development level) which poses challenge to the company
–Write a report to address the following questions:
??-What was the challenge facing the company.(just discuss one challenge in the whole report)
??- What was by the company to cope with the challenge?
– How good or bad was the company in coping with the challenge?
– What could the company do to improve its practices in coping with the challenge?
– What could we learn from this company?
Structure :
–A title plus an executive summary on a separate page
??- it is a summary instead of an introduction
??- aim for use by busy managers
??- focus on recommendations
??- about half page long.
– The following is a suggestion only and must start from a new page
– The title
– Introduction
??- background information of the company and the foreign country
??- objectives of the report
??- organisation and arrangement of the report
– Body sections
– background information of the foreign country(can be arranged in the introduction section)
– background information of the company in the foreign country
(history, size, industry and products, internationalization process, business in the foreign country. Etc)
– descriptive discussion of the challenge faced to the company (not everything but the challenge posed by a particular environmental factor of your choice),(just discuss one challenge in the whole report)
??- the impacts of the challenge on the company
??- descriptive discussion of how the company has addressed the challenge
??- evaluation of how well the company has done.
– Conclusion
??- A short summary of the above, plus
??- Evaluation o how well the company has done(can be arranged in previous sections)
??- Implications for business practices in general
– Recommendations
??- Key issues faced to the company when addressing the challenge
??- Suggestions for what and how the company should do to resolve the issues
??- Rationale and justification