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Can Sri Lanka be the Future Hub of the Indian Ocean Rim?

“Colombo matters because the Indian Ocean matters. The “great game” of this century will be played on the waters of the Indian Ocean”
Taking into account the given statement for discussion it is appropriate to evaluate the expression given by Harsh Pant as it would be worth of analyzing which upholds
the idea that Sri Lanka is the key to govern the Indian Ocean as it is placed in the center of sea routes. It is also known to be one of the most important hubs
located to its benefit in the international trade in the Asian region more specifically in the Indian Ocean.
On the other hand, it can be assumed that the great game of the 21st century will be played on the Indian Ocean . A new great game is emerging in the Indian Ocean
region as a result of common strategic interests shared by the world’s major powers; the United States on one hand, and India and China on the other hand, who are the
Economic Giants in Asia. Thus, taking into account this recently arisen issue in the Indian Ocean, this research will be based on how this so called “great game” will
affect the countries located within this region and the ways in which Sri Lanka could take advantage of its location political, economic and cultural wise. Therefore,
it is crucial that the Sri Lankan policy makers be mindful as to the great game revealing in the Indian Ocean as it guarantees many advantages.
Taking into account the competition between India and China over Sri Lanka, because of the commercial and political influence will play a major role in the naval realm
than on land. However, India’s and China’s mutual dependence on the same sea routes could pave way to an association between them and in a way, it might be implicitly
argumentative to the United States, In other words, Indian Ocean will be the place where global power dynamics will be revealed. In collaboration with neighboring Near
East and Central Asia, constitutes the new great game in geopolitics.
Colombo being a focal point between Aden and Singapore makes it extremely significant. Considering what made Sri Lanka take China more seriously was India’s eagerness
towards China, at present, China has expelled Japan as Sri Lanka’s major aid donor, with an aid package of more than $1 billion per annum . However, China can be
regarded as the first foreign country that has an exclusive economic zone in Sri Lanka. Also it is involved in infrastructure development projects including power
plant construction, modernization of Sri Lankan railways, and financial and technical assistance in launching communication satellites etc. Also a local port,