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CLS1001 – Individual reassessed essay

The individual essay comprises 70% of the overall mark for this module. It will focus on learning and insights from this module and your ability reflect on and apply this learning in relation to
theory and practice.
The theme for the essay is “Leadership and teams: theory and practice”. It should comprise three main elements as outlined below: (please note that the questions in italics are for illustrative
purposes only – you are not expected to answer each of them in turn but to use them as prompts for critical thinking and reflection)
a. Critical reflection on the group task of making a film
– How did you work together in planning, making and editing the film?
– What did you bring to the process?
– What did you notice about leadership of/within the group?
– How did your experience in this group compare with other times you have worked in a group/team?
b. Exploration and analysis of theory
– Discuss up to three theoretical concepts (e.g. motivation, social identity, team roles, etc.) raised during the course that would help make sense of how the group activity unfolded?
– What are the implications of this/these theory/theories for understanding leadership within groups and/or teams?
c. Conclusions and implications for practice
– In the light of the points raised above what lessons can be learnt from your experience working as a group on this task?
– What facilitated your ability to work together as a team on this task; what got in the way?
– What recommendations, suggestions and/or action points can you take forward into future work with groups and teams?
Each of the three elements identified above should be given equal consideration. The aim of the essay is to construct a clear and coherent argument about the nature and role of leadership in
teams, supported with examples, evidence and appropriate academic references. The assignment will be assessed according to the following criteria in addition to the standard undergraduate
marking criteria:
? Critical and reflexive thinking
? Combination of theory and practice
? Flow and quality of arguments
? Relevance and Originality
? Structure, presentation and style
The word count for this assignment is 2500 words (+ or – 10%) excluding references and appendices and should be submitted to Student Services via EBART by the deadline. An electronic copy
must also be uploaded onto ELE via the link on the course pages.