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COM 220: Public Speaking 61

In addition to motivating your audience to action, the advocacy speech must satisfy the following requirements: : The speech should run 5-7 mins . Your assignment grade will be lowered by 5
points for every 45 seconds you speak under or over the target time range.
: There are no formal source citation requirements for this speech. This does not mean that your claims do not need support; simply that an advocacy speech requires less overt citation. You should support your claims with a variety of sources (examples, statistics, etc.)
: You must craft some phrases that inspire action and convey the passion that you
feel for this topic (and the passion your audience should feel).
: You must explain a specific action(s) that the audience should take in order to
support the cause and weaken the adversary.
: Your goal in this speech is to motivate the sympathetic
members of your audience to take action to help solve the problem you have identified. I?m not asking you to pretend that your audience is wildly friendly or composed of anyone else besides the people you see standing thereYou have in your audiencepeople who agree with you and people who don?t. You are trying to get those who do agree to do something. Everything flows from this goal. You know your peers. Why are they not acting now? What can you say to get them to take actions (however small)?
: When students assume that this is simply a pretend speech in front of a
pretend audience, they start making all sorts of crazy claims. You are trying to motivate people to action, but this doesn?t mean that you should leave this plane of reality. Words have consequences and you must maintain defensible consequences. Remember back to the reading on honest persuasion; you are engaging in win-rhetoric for this speech, but the defensible kind. You can talk about the problems with the values or motivation of the adversary, but you shouldn?t simply engage in unprincipled attack speech. Here?s a hint: if you find yourself making multiple references to how the adversaries are fascists, you?ve probably gone too far.
: This speech is a unique opportunity to stand in a
public area and demand attention. People will literally stop in their tracks and listen to your argument. The implication here is that it had better be a good argument and you had better be serious about your argument. I?m not saying that there can?t be humor in your speech, but that you should be serious about your topic and your intent. In the past, I have been discouraged when I see students playacting instead of speaking. They get out there and scream and render their garments, but it feels disingenuous. Alternatively, students simply stand there are read their notecards. Both actions miss the point of the assignment, which is