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Compare and Contrast (Adventures of Huck Finn and Beloved)

Compare and Contrast (Adventures of Huck Finn and Beloved)
You must use specific evidence to support your assertions. With only four pages, you should avoid summarizing the plot of the novel, and focus on making specific assertions based on evidence from the text. Your argument should encompass the relationship between each novel.
In both Mark Twain?s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Toni Morrison?s Beloved attempt to understand and represent the desire for and the meaning of freedom in America. In each case, the desire for freedom is a constantly frustrated one, held back by societal convention, racial hierarchy, and the consequences of America?s original sin of slavery. Compare and contrast how Morrison and Twain represent freedom and slavery in their texts. In each case, freedom and slavery cannot be defined in the superficial sense of whether one is owned as a slave or not. Despite the end of the Civil War, Sethe is haunted by the constant specter of Schoolteacher and the rememory of Sweet Home. At the end of Twain?s novel, we learn that Jim has been free during nearly the entirety of their journey. Despite this, Jim is confined as an escaped slave, and used as a pawn in an elaborate farce orchestrated by Tom Sawyer. What actually constitutes freedom and slavery for each author? How do questions of freedom and slavery relate to broader social hierarchies and ideas of national identity? Does the act of remembrance or memorialization tether the present to the past? Does either author present any resolution to the frustrated desire for freedom, change, or progress?