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Compare Historical Newspaper Coverage of Civil Rights

Compare Historical Newspaper Coverage of Civil War
The object of this assignment is to use 2 newspaper reports about one event, to analyze and explain differences in how newspapers cover a topic. You will write an essay that makes an argument based on your analysis, about what each newspaper covered and how it covered the event, whether it varied by newspaper, and why you think it did or did not vary.
1. Topic : An event during the Civil Rights era (1954-1966)
2. Use newspaper news articles (not editorials or opinion pieces) as your only source of documentation.
3. Write a paper analyzing how newspapers in West and African American newspaper are different. They should have covered the topic over the course of several days, up to one week. (If coverage was shorter than one week, include that fact in your analysis.)
4. Apply historical thinking, by providing context for the event, looking for causes, contingencies that occurred, and explaining complexities and changes over the course of the week, if any.
5. Provide and cite evidence from your sources. Explain any difference in news coverage.
-Select articles from The West newspapers.
– Select at least one African American newspapers.
Paper Specifications
– Include an introduction and a conclusion
– Format: double-spaced, numbered pages,
– One to Two pages
– Each paragraph must have at least one footnote/endnote
Some Sources:
African American News Paper:
The West