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conflict management, negotiation, mediation or arbitration

The workshop for this module has introduced some tools and models that can be used by project managers
to manage issues related to managing conflicts, negotiating, resolving disputes using mediation and
arbitration. This assignment asks you to extend your readings to find approaches and models to help you to
manage conflict, negotiate and resolve disputes more effectively. The assignment asks you to critically
examine some of the concepts introduced in the workshop and extend concepts where appropriate.
The total word limit for the whole assignment is 3000+- 10%. You must complete Part 1 and Part 2. The
table of contents, abstract/executive summary (within one page), list of references and citations are
excluded from the word count. For word count purposes a quarter page figure or diagram will count as 150
Part 1
Choose to focus on one of the methods (conflict management, negotiation, mediation or arbitration).
Critically review a selection of the literature on your chosen topic. (max 1000-1500 words).
See the assignment folder on some readings on how to write a literature review. You can also find
good resources on writing a literature review at
Part 2
This part asks you construct a model to guide you in making decisions when confronting and managing
situations that involve disagreement and/or disputes. The model/s will include references to the following –
? Approaches and tools available and/or suitable for use in the context/s being considered
? People who are best situated to use them – e.g. would you bring in a professional or would you
? Choose to use the model without such assistance?
? Circumstances most appropriate for its use
? Cues or signs that a person using your model can look for, including e.g. physical, emotional and language
? cues that you might look for – 2/3
? ?Intrapersonal? cues ? your personal responses to disagreement/ conflict. For example – at the thought of
conflict your stomach tightens, your forehead begins to sweat, your pulse rises, etc. To ?Find? these you may
have to think quite deeply about past conflict situations.