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Cost benefit analysis

Cost benefit analysis report Project description Objective: Prepare a Cost Benefit Report in which students demonstrate, by application, their understanding of the practical issues involved in preparing a professional evaluation of a project of their choice.
admin | July 24, 2014
It is highly recommended that students consider projects most relevant to their discipline area. The cost benefit report should, as far as possible, cover the core lecture and seminar topics. It should begin with a description of the project including objectives, existing situation and alternatives. The source of all the data used should be clearly indicated. The basis of any estimates or synthetic (made up) data should be explained (put complex explanations in an appendix). Cost benefit techniques such as non-market valuation, discounting, sensitivity analysis, distributional impacts, and decision rules should all be used and explained. Particular emphasis should be placed on justifying the costs and benefits included and explaining the valuation techniques used. The quantification of the value of the economic impact (cost or benefit) should be justified by explaining the method of valuation of that impact. My main criteria in marking the Report will be my judgment of how well the student understands the cost benefit method. Rather than getting the “right” number from the analysis this requires use and explanation of the appropriate techniques for the context and purpose for which they are used. Your report should include explanation of why certain techniques were used including consideration of their strengths and weaknesses