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Coursework Assignment Brief

Semester: Summer 2014
Module Code: PC111
Module Title: Quantitative Methods for Computing
Programme: BSc (Hons) Computer Studies
BSc (Hons) Computing with Business Informatics
Level: Level 4
Awarding Body: University of Plymouth
Module Leader: Dr Austin Briggs
Format: Report format.
Presentation: No
Any special requirements: All written work should be submitted on the Student Portal along with an acceptable Turnitin Report
Word Limit: 1,500 (excluding appendix)
Deadline date for submission: 5.00 pm on 1st August 2014
Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment • Understand the definitions and the quantitative techniques appropriate for computer science applications.
• Perform and express numerical and algebraic manipulations and operations.
• Demonstrate the nature of the reasoning process providing the basis for the use of quantitative methods in computer science.
Knowledge and understanding: demonstration of a given factual knowledge base; understanding the nature of the field of study and appropriate terminology. Cognitive skills: analysis with
guidance using given principles; evaluation of the reliability of data using defined techniques; application of given quantitative methods accurately to well-defined computing problems.
Transferable skills: demonstrate access to a range of learning resources; management of information; demonstrate autonomy in the learning process; effective communication in an appropriate
format. Practical skills: operation in defined contexts.
Percentage of marks awarded for module: This assignment is worth 40% of the total marks for the module