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Coursework Assignment Brief

Assignment Task:
After experiencing a number of problems, Greenford GP Surgery are considering installing a new computer software to manage patients bookings. Some of the issues they have encountered
• The booking process was often incomplete.
• Patients arrived for appointments that were not booked for them.
• Doctors were booked on time slots when they were not available.
• Patients’ details were incorrect and their information went missing.
The management commissioned a feasibility study to be carried out by a software consultancy firm, Micro Systems. In your role as trainee systems analyst for Micro Systems, you have been
requested by the senior systems analyst to make a preliminary investigation of the booking system currently in operation at Greenford GP Surgery and to produce a requirements specification
and design for a new improved system.
You should:
• Determine the requirements for Greenford GP Surgery and produce a system requirements specification report that includes the following:
1.1. Introduction: Describe the background, purpose and objectives of the system, include any assumption about the system in this section.
1.2. Requirements Gathering Plan
1.3. Systems Requirements (Functional, Non-functional, Usability)
1.4. Systems Models
This section should contain all your diagrams.
• Using UML produce the following diagrams for section 1.4 of your report:
1.1. Use Case diagram (minimum 4 use cases, max 8).
1.2. Use Case descriptions.
1.3. Class diagram.
1.4. Sequence diagram (for 4 use cases).