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Dave and The Shawshank Redemption

Paper instructions:
The Final Paper must be 3 to 5 pages, double-spaced. It has to be essay format that contains introduction, body, and conclusion paragraph
Dave and The Shawshank Redemption are films that feature protagonists who are very passionate
about a single goal, i.e. something they want to accomplish or achieve.
Respond to the three points below as individual questions or in one essay. In either case, you
must address all three points. and answer all the questions specifically.
1 – Summarize each film in a single sentence. (Think “who is the protagonist and what does he
2 – Compare and contrast the protagonists of the films (Dave Kovic in Dave and Andy Dufresne in The Shawshank Redemption). Describe how their physical characteristics, personality, and/or
background generate conflict and obstacles that propel the story. Give specific examples of behavior, action and/or dialogue that demonstrate how character and plot is integrated in both
films. Use the time code of the film to pinpoint when these events occur.
3 – In either Dave or The Shawshank Redemption (choose one film), describe how obstacles faced by the protagonists escalate or compound as the story develops. Give specific examples from
the film, again using the time code. How do these escalations reinforce the tone of the film, be it comedic in Dave or dramatic in The Shawshank Redemption? Why do screenwriters choose to
raise stakes and heighten conflict as the film progresses?