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Demonstration of Content Knowledge

Paper instructions:
Demonstration of Content Knowledge
As an educator, one of your responsibilities is to unpack the standards for your students and understand what they need to know and be able to do before you plan
and implement instruction. If your students can demonstrate the identified content knowledge and skills of the standards through applied practices and assessments, you
can say with confidence that they have mastered the content, and thus mastered the standards.
The same is true for you as a candidate in your Master of Science in Education specialization program. Your specialization is informed by a set of professional
standards that inform content knowledge. These standards are aligned to course outcomes and learner objectives throughout your degree program. As you moved through
your program, you applied your content knowledge and skills and provided evidence by completing and submitting preselected activities. When you uploaded all of your
preselected activities to your ePortfolio and tagged the professional standards linked to the individual activities, you created a placeholder for these activities to
use as you now complete the Demonstration of Content Knowledge Major Assessment.
Your goal is to use examples from your preselected activities, professional standards associated with your degree specialization, course experiences, and the
information found on the “Emphasis on Practical Strategies” section for your specialization from the Walden website to demonstrate that you have gained the necessary
knowledge and skills associated with the standards that inform your Walden specialization degree.
Follow the steps below to complete your Major Assessment reflective essay. Keep in mind that the content knowledge you are reflecting on for this Major Assessment
may be different from the subject matter you teach in the classroom. For example, if you are a middle school reading teacher and your Walden degree plan is in the
Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment specialization, the standards that inform your learning for this Major Assessment are not the International Reading Association
(IRA) Standards, but the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS)—Generalist (subject area), Middle Childhood (development area). However, you will
use your classroom experiences as you reflect on your ability to show evidence that you have grown in your knowledge and skills related to standards that inform your