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Describe/identify the leader

Research and write a paper of no more than 3 pages about a person you believe to be a leader. A shorter paper is OK as long as you cover all the required points. The person may be one you know about and/or have observed; one you work for, have worked for or watched. The person you choose may come from personal contact or research into business, history, politics, military or other background. The paper should emphasize leadership traits, behavior and values. The paper should cover the following topics.
Describe/identify the leader. Give a brief (1 paragraph or so) description of the leader’s background or history. Why do you believe your choice is a leader? What are the visible signs of leadership? What Leadership qualities or characteristics does the leader have? What are the outcomes of the leadership? Who else thinks this is a leader? See the “Leadership Paper Rubric” for more insight into what’s requested.
You may treat these topics as questions for which the answers will make up your whole paper.