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Developing a dash board

In this Assignment, you will design a dashboard that would be useful for you in your current position and organization (or one with which you are familiar).
To prepare
• Consider your own health care organization (hospital) and the key information that would be useful for decision making.
• Develop a list of key performance indicators in the following categories that would be useful for your situation. Include:
o 3-4 financial indicators
o 3-4 operational indicators
o 3-4 satisfaction indicators
o 3-4 quality indicators
• Determine which of the indicators measure improvement in performance (leading indicators) or measure accountability (trailing indicators). You will want about 75% to be leading and 25% to be trailing.
The Assignment
In a 3- to 4-page paper, describe the specific indicators you selected for each category and explain why you chose those particular ones. Describe whether each indicator is a leading or trailing indicator and how this particular combination would provide the best overall view of the state of your organization (hospital).. Assess how having a dashboard such as this would assist in decision making
Note: You do not have to actually create the dashboard, but just describe the indicators you would include.