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Developing a literature map

Begin developing a literature map. A literature map is a visualization of the literature linking the concepts, ideas, and themes from the literature into a broad perspective of the field. The map may be extended while working on later dissertation chapters.
The literature map also serves the following purposes:
• Helps you detect themes in the literature useful for developing your dissertation.
• Illustrates relationships between concepts, ideas, theories, and themes.
• Helps you integrate old knowledge into the knowledge you create while dissertating.
• Guide your literature searches.
• Identify headings and subheadings you can use in chapter 2!
• Keeps you grounded in the literature!
There is no recipe for creating a literature map because they come in many forms:
• An abstract framework grouping concepts using relationships—perhaps index cards!
• Flowcharts involving events and their connections.
• Causal networks of variables or influences.
• Organizational diagrams/trees illustrating various kinds of relationships.
• Venn diagrams in which overlaps (intersections) contain key concepts.
• Bubble maps.
• …any way you want to visualize the structure and relationships within the literature!