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Discussion 4-2

John works for an insurance company. The company pays him a salary, commissions on all sales of life and auto insurance policies and also provides a work laptop which is intended to be used solely for work and must be returned at the termination of employment. One day John went to turn on his laptop and the screen was blank. He tried to reboot the computer and still it was blank. After calling his employer, the company tech department instructed him to overnight the hard drive so they could repair it. John followed their instructions. Two days later John was informed by the company that he was fired for using the company computer for his own purposes which is a violation of the corporate employee handbook. Later that Day John was contacted by a law enforcement official who stated he need to interview him relative to online gambling activity. When John asked why law enforcement was contacting him, the officer said your former employer sent us a copy of the hard drive!
John swears he did not have any personal filed on the laptop. He further asserts he never engaged in any online gambling with that computer, he may have done so from his home desktop but never his work computer.
Can John be fired? Can the employer report its former employees to law enforcement? Are there any constitutional defenses available to John? Can John sue his former employer for anything?