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Engineering management

1) Requirements Capture
Assume you are a Project Manager and you are due to meet with a new customer organisation, to discuss a possible project for which no information is available yet. Suggest your 7 highest priority questions to ask the new customer organisation about the proposed project.
2) Activity-on-Arrow and Activity-on-Node Networks
Assuming that Activity A is the first work activity in a project and Activity Z is the final activity in the same project, sketch both Activity-on-Arrow and Activity-on-Node networks for the following activity dependencies. (Note: since activity durations are not supplied, the usual duration, start, end and float values should be blank, but standard diagram formats should be used. Also, for Activity-on-Arrow event numbering, adopt the standard that event numbers should increase, from the start to the finish of each arrow, though not necessarily sequentially).
a) BandCdependonA;DdependsonB;EdependsonBandC;FandGdependonD and E; H depends on F and G; I depends on G; Z depends on H and I.
b) MandNdependonA;OdependsonM;PdependsonNandO;QdependsonO;R depends on P and Q; S depends on P; Z depends on R and S.
c) B,CandDdependonA;EdependsonB;FdependsonD;GdependsonCandE;H depends on C and F; Z depends on G and H.
d) M,NandOdependonA;PdependsonM;QdependsonO;RdependsonNandP;S depends on N; T depends on N and Q; Z depends on R, S and T.
e) K1, K2 and K3 depend on A; K4 depends on K1; K5 depends on K2; K6 depends on K3 and K5; K7 depends on K4; K8 depends on K4 and K5; K9 depends on K6; K10 depends on K7; K11 depends on K8 and K9; Z depends on K10 and K11.
f) T1, T2 and T3 depend on A; T4 depends on T1; T5 depends on T2; T6 depends on T1 and T5; T7 depends on T3; T8 depends on T1, T5 and T7; T9 depends on T6; T10 depends on T8; T11 depends on T4 and T9; Z depends on T10 and T11.
3) Project Planning
You have been appointed project manager and are tasked with planning the design, machine programming, manufacture, assembly, test and demonstration of two prototype products derived from three components. You will be looking to complete the project in a timely, low cost fashion. The activities and their estimated durations have been identified below. Note: they are not necessarily in the order that they would be completed.