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Final Project – Field Trip Brochure

At many national parks and other locations throughout each state, there are short guides to explain the local geology to site visitors. Your assignment is to
develop one of these guides for visitors to your field site.
Selecting a location for your field trip:
You may select any site that is of interest to you and that you will be able to visit during this semester to make observations. Part of this assignment is to go
on a physical field trip so previous trips are not suitable for this assignment (but previous trips may be used for the bonus assignment at the end of the semester).
The field site does not need to famous, only accessible to you. You can select anything from a national park, to a local park within walking distance of your home. It
may be easier to find background information from well-known sites, such as parks, etc, than from your own backyard. You are not required to use outside sources of
information if you can summarize the geologic history of your site just by observing the site yourself, but it is recommended that use outside sources of information
to support your observations. Pictures are encouraged and necessary if you attempt a study unsupported by previous studies.
Brochure criteria:
Your geologic field guide should be in the form of a booklet/pamphlet for distribution to your site visitors. At a park or other location, many of your site
visitors may not be as well educated in geology as yourself, so be sure to explain any terms you use as if the person has little geologic training.
Your guide should be at least 2-3 pages in length and include the following:
A description of the location (as if someone were trying to travel to and/or locate the site).
A detailed description of the rock types present.
How the rocks present may have formed.
Summary of the geologic history of the area. This should include the relative sequence of events and any known absolute ages of the events. It should also describe
paleogeography, plate tectonic setting, and a description of any fossils present and their significance. This can be in written form, or a drawing (created by
yourself) or a combination of the two.
Outside sources of information are not required for the assignment but if you use anything as a source of information you must include a citation page of all
outside resources that you used to create the guide. You may use either APA or MLA format, as long as it is consistent throughout the document. This page does not
count towards the 2-3 page minimum.
Please include pictures, video, and or illustrations created by yourself. Cite all items borrowed and if items are yours, please cite yourself (photo by coug