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Government sponsored an amendment to the Constitution

Project description
There are two discussion question that has to be answer. This is not an essay.
1)Where do you stand on an amendment to the Constitution requiring each state to allow for gay marriages?
In your response be sure to cover the following points:
1. A thorough justification for your position.
2. Your opinion of how the Supreme Court would rule if a gay marriage law was passed and subsequently challenged on constitutional grounds. What do you know about the constitution that leads you to believe this?
3. An explanation of what is required to amend the constitution.
4. An explanation of how this may or may not be a continuation of previous civil rights legislation.
This is a particularly sensitive subject for many people. You all will remain respectful of each other during this discussion. You may object to each others opinions but are not to make personal comments or attacks.
Then the second one is
Go to the following link, complete the simulation, and answer the questions below in your discussion board posting.
1. List the areas that you chose to cut and explain why you chose to cut there.
2. Were there any areas that you choose to reduce revenue (by either spending more or instituting tax cuts)? Why did you choose this?
3. What was your final number and % of GDP?
4. Should the U.S. pass a law or constitutional amendment requiring a balanced budget every year? What would be the pros and cons of doing so?