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high-performance teams

Answer each of the following questions. No answer should exceed one double-spaced typewritten page. The answers must be in your own words. Completed tests will be processed through for originality evaluation. Any answer exceeding 10% matching the text, any other source, or the answer of any other student will not count. You should check your answers before submission to make sure they comply with the originality requirement. You may access at Use Class ID 2102541 and password banana. You should complete your answers in a Microsoft Word document and submit them as an attachment.
1. What are smart goals? Specifically describe the elements that make a goal smart. Identify one of your goals and discuss what makes it a smart goal.
2. Identify and discuss the five stages of group development. Give an example of how each stage was exemplified in a group you have been a member of.
3. Identify and discuss the eight biases that affect decision making.
4. Identify and discuss the eight attributes of high-performance teams. How would you implement each of these stages into a team you lead to maximize team performance?