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Homeless Children and Academic Performance

” I need you please to add 5 more sources to my paper 3 of them journals sources and 2 you can add any kinds of sources “ all sources that will add they should be related to my proposal paper that I’m going to upload it as well as the annotated bibliography on the same instructions of the following
Create an alphabetical, indexed, annotated bibliography of all the sources you have found for your research essay. An annotation will have an MLA citation, a 100-150 word summary of the work, and a short evaluation of how you would use it in your paper. Index the works be separating them into Books, Films or Documentaries, Journal Articles, Magazines, Newspapers, YouTube videos, etc.
Cite the article using APA format
Summarize the source:
Start with Author, “Title”, Source and a paraphrase of the author’s thesis.
Explain the main points that support the thesis
Evaluate the source:
Reflect on its role in your project
show how it adds to your understanding of the research question
explain whether it changes your understanding of the conversation as a whole
demonstrate how it relates to your other sources and how it might lead to new sources