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International Trade Flows

“International Trade Flows” Please respond to the following:
From the e-Activity, discuss possible reasons for the change in the balance of trade and propose solutions. From the Blades’ International Flow of Funds case study, imagine that Blades’ increases its business in Thailand and experiences serious financial problems. Prepare a plan to address this issue and suggest ways that Blades could receive financial assistance.
“International Financial Markets” Please respond to the following:
Evaluate the major international financial markets including one from Europe and Asia. Determine the method you believe to be most effective for financial global business operations and support your choice. From the Blades’ International Financial Markets case study, assume that Blades is currently paying 10 percent on dollars borrowed and needs more financing for its firm. Determine how U.S. operations will be affected if the net Thailand’s baht received from the Thailand operation are invested in Thailand.