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MBA Assignment – Short report on successful entrepreneur

Choose an ENTREPRENEUR (e.g. Richard Dyson) who has had measurable success with at least one venture.
The situation involved could be a new business venture, a new product or a new process but it should represent a significantly new direction for the entrepreneur and/or the organisation.
Write a short report about what happened and how it confirms or disconfirms the principles in your textbook (Entrepreneurship – Theory Process Practice, 9th Ed, Donald F. Kuratko), emphasising:
• The historical background and environmental conditions that led to its emergence,
• A description of the approach, attitudes and behaviour towards the innovation
• The strategies that were employed and which ones contributed most to the innovation’s success.
Important Instructions
1. Assignments must contain proper citations and referencing using the Harvard style
2. Assignments of this nature normally contain between 6 and 12 relevant references from different sources in the reference list.
3. Poor citations and or use of the references lead to poor marks, and the paper should NOT just be a discussion of the theory, it must be used in context of the practical discussion
4. Please ensure it will pass checks with anti-plagiarism software. Please carefully check your assignments before final submission to ensure that all quoted and paraphrased materials are properly cited and referenced.
7. The total number of words should not exceed 2500 words (excluding your cover page, an executive summary, table of contents, list of references or appendices.) Penalties may apply if you exceed the word limit. You may place any supporting material that exceeds this word limit in the appendices. However, a reader should not have to look at an appendix to determine the main thrust of the points you are making in your assignment. So make sure all your main points are in the body of your assignment and refer to the appendices that will support the points you are making.
8. Please refer to the uploaded articles as examples of appropriate references, and feel free to use them.
9. Please include an executive summary, index and reference list