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Modest Proposal

Works Cited List: Include a Works Cited entry as the final page of your paper. The Works Cited entry is not included within the required number of pages for this
assignment. You may use Easy Bib to create a Works Cited list in the MLA format and/or consult an MLA textbook or other supporting document.
“My Modest Proposal” Rubric
Create a modest proposal of your own. Choose a modern social or political problem and propose a logical or outrageous solution. Either way, be sure the
audience can discern the seriousness of the problem and convince them to agree with you.
Rubric for Your Modest Proposal
I. Introduction
1. Title
2. Introduction: What is the problem?
3. Why is it a problem?
4. Who is affected?
5. What has already been done?
6. What should be done?
7. Clear one sentence statement that guides paper.
8. Establishes the stand you are taking. _______
20 Points
Comment Section
II. Body/Conclusion
9. Logical Appeal-the use of facts or statistics to support a position
10. Emotional Appeal-the use of words that stir up strong feelings
11. Ethical Appeal-the use of details that will convince readers that he writer is fair and trustworthy
12. Address Potential Objections-include a counter claim
13. Call to Action-demonstrate or express the importance of moving ahead with the stand or claim
14. Organization-the overall structure of the writing is logical and comprehensible
15. Diction (Appropriate Word Choice)
16. Conclusion-summarize main points expressed within the proposal
Comment Section
Points 20