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Money Management

Paper instructions:
Please read and check the below link is important before you writ this assignment:
An enlightening article on this matter is provided by Nobel Prize Prof. William Sharpe
please read this article before writing your final assignment !
P.S. websites used in this assignment:
My Assignment Pedagogical aim and expectations:
1. To critically evaluate the financial instruments available for investments
2. To analyse and evaluate the role and influence of the main actors in financial markets, both private and public.
3. To analyse the link between macro-economic forces and financial markets
4. To evaluate the risk and reward of investment possibilities and develop an investment strategy and portfolio that demonstrates informed investment decisions
Running Head: FINANCE
Money Management
Kindly read the mid-term assignment just to review the
Kind of the assignment and also the Morningstar website I used it in my assignment
To help you to finish the final assessement
Money Management
Financial planning has been considered as the important aspect of daily life, due to which an individual person easily enjoy their life. In financial planning,
insurance plan is component that is not developed only for person who passes away but also for person who survive. This shows that insurance plan is extremely
important for every person because it covers risk of common person’s life. Furthermore, this study would cover share analysis of two international companies i.e. Wal-
Mart and Tesco Plc.
Calculations of Yearly Pension Prepared By Life Insurance Company
According to Khurana (2013), an insurance plan is defined as plan, due to which risk of person’s life is reduced. This shows that insurance plan provides coverage
against insurable risk. Beside this, proper insurance planning can help an individual to look at the possibility of getting wider coverage for the same amount of
premium. Hence, it is proved that there is a large need of insurance planning in the daily life of an individual whether that person belong to middle class or upper
class (p. 37). According to data, a person has only EUR 500,000 in hand at the time of retirement. Therefore EUR 500,000 is used to develop life insurance plan. If the
retirement age of person is 65 years and person will want EUR 50,000 yearly, then person can easily enjoy insurance money since 10 years. In the below stated