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Ons end part

Part 1 – Executive summary ( attachment) ½ of a page >> Passive Voice

Part 2 – Preface (can be written in active voice – “I” form etc) ½ a page >> a personal note , describing what this assignment is, why you wrote it, any relevant personal challenges or circumstances, and acknowledging anyone who gave you or offered you help.
(kindly mention that the owner took me in as part of the family)

Part 3 – Introduction (passive voice )>> ½ of a page : give a short, general introduction, giving the background to the work done, and the report structure and content.
*Company analysis > Human Resources > Cultural Diversity > Organisational Format> Labour Agreement > Environment / Sustainability > Motivation > Supervisor’s Career

Part 4 – Supervisor evaluation (passive voice) > A detailed and critical narrative based on the student’s reflection with regard to the points raised by your supervisor in her evaluation of you.
*Attitude 5/6
Dress 6/6
Communication Skills 6/6
Sense of independence 6/6
Sense of initiative 5/6
Guest contact 6/6