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Paula Deen’s Macaroni & Cheese- Crock Pot Recipe

Write a description of a food memory, preferably from your childhood. This could be a memory of tasting or liking/disliking a particular food, or it could be a memory focused on a dish from a particular eating event, collective or individual. Pay attention to as many senses as you can invoke to evoke this memory.

Dish: Paula Deen’s Macaroni & Cheese- Crock Pot Recipe

Do a bit of research to place your memory in wider context. Discuss the cultural, symbolic, social, structural, or other meanings of this dish. Specify the social group for whom it has meaning, for what kinds of occasions and settings is this dish prepared, who is involved in the preparation, serving, and consumption of this dish, etc.

Is this a food that unique to your culture? What are its traditional names? (And do these names have any special significance and/or meaning?) What ingredients go into making these foods? How and when are they eaten? Are there unspoken family “rules” about food consumption (e.g., what’s okay, and not okay, to eat; how and where should one eat, etc.)

There are many ways to approach this assignment:

1) If you recalled a dish at a specific event, talk to others who were also present and see how they remember the dish and the event; analyze the similarities and discrepancies between your recollections;

2) If you remembered a specific dish, you might also try to find the recipe for it. You may find multiple, slightly different recipes for a regional dish (say, gooey butter cake or black eyed peas) – if so, see how many varieties you can collect from friends, family members, and other sources (do not only look in Better Homes and Gardens or some other standard cookbook, or the internet for a general recipe). If it is a family recipe that has one ‘original’ source (say, a great grandmother), see if others with access to this recipe have come up with modified versions. You might also try to interview at least one other person about his or her memories, feelings, associations with this dish and/or recipe. DO NOT HAVE MOST OF YOUR PAPER BE THE RECIPE! Just summarize it into ONE, particularly if you have several!

This paper needs to be 4 pages or more. You will need to use 12 Times New Roman Font. You need to double space and provide a cover page/reference page. These two items are NOT part of your page count.