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This is an essay that should be a summery for topic from certain book of ethics. I will scan and attach the pages that to be summarized

General Instructions from the instructor:

* Take as much space as you need to answer the questions thoroughly; I should think about 300-400 words each should be adequate, but that is only a guideline.

* This is not a group project; you must do your own work. That means that you should not discuss the questions with others.
* Please be sure you include your name in your file name. For instance, I would name my file AnneEdwardsExam1.doc (or something like that. . . )

* You should not use any outside sources; however, make full use of your notes and text book. Do not merely quote my words or an author’s words.

For each of the following philosophers, state his general ethical theory in a couple of paragraphs. That is, explain just exactly how he says that people should decide what the right thing to do is. After you have made it clear what his theory is, then in another couple of paragraphs, state what the feminist or multicultural objection (or both) is to his theory (referring to specific authors in your text). Finally, you should write a paragraph or so explaining what you believe (that is which you agree/disagree with) and give your reasons for why. Each of your essays is likely to be at least 400-500 words or more.

1. Plato

2. Aristotle

3. Augustine

4. Aquinas

5. Hume

6. Kant