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Presentation on the interactions between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system

You will present a clear and concise 20 minute presentation on the interactions between the musculoskeletal system and the nervous system. You will also consider the impact that this integration may have on thermoregulation and how this affect is mediated within the two systems.
Assessment Criteria:
1. A clear, concise, well written and well presented talk that covers both learning outcomes and is appropriately referenced (85%).
2. Detailed and well referenced script that support the assumptions of your talk (15%)
The writer must be English as it is to be written in English, not American or Chinese English. Would rather that not so many American (uni/college) websites were referenced either, I hope you know what I mean by this.
HAVE INCLUDED A FILE called example of a past paper that shows what harvard referencing should look like called EXAMPLE PLEASE LOOK AT THIS.
YOU MUST LOOK AT JOURNALS FOR THIS. Where possible reference from up to date journals (from the last four years) and reference from the suggested reading list at the bottom of the instructions. As a rule use around 1 reference (from different sources) for every 100 words, use journals mainly, up to date books and try to stay away from webpages.
Assignment Title: Presentation
LOOK AT THE FILE Suggested layout for presentation. The presentation can include an activity for the audience, clips/ videos (no longer than 5 min) and time for questions and answers. It is more of a micro-teach than an academic presentation. Aim to be talking for around 7 minutes before playing a good resource and feedback and/ or questions/ video clips.