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Product Innovation and Creativity 2013/14

Refer Coursework for Task 1
A Concept Evaluation Report
You will take 1 specific concept and perform an evaluation. Specifically this will involve you establishing the product or service specifics of the concept and preparing a concept statement and then presenting the details and results of research (including primary concept testing research). The research should focus on evidencing the market opportunity through analysis of the;
– general and specific market,
– competitors,
– customers,
– target market,
– intellectual property.
You will submit a report which will set out your evaluation of the concept. The report should not exceed 2,500 words (+/-10% and excluding appendices) but you are encouraged to make creative use of appendices for supporting analysis. Whilst some of the evidence for the report will come from secondary data, you must conduct primary research on the concept. The report should conclude with a well reasoned justification of the way forward including a summary of key implications for the subsequent development and launch stages.
You should ensure that the report is well organised throughout, with appropriate sections, subsections and linkages. The linkages should fully justify responses to the proceeding analysis. You should ensure that any supporting material in the appendices is referred to in the main body of the report.
You should demonstrate a theoretical underpinning to your work through the use of academic frameworks and terminology.
You should ensure that the report is presented in a professional manner with appropriate citation techniques and bibliography.
Please do not have the report spiral bound as a number are copied for external moderation purposes.