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Psychodynamic Approach

Assignment Instructions

1. To complete this assignment, first read Chap 13 “Psychodynamic Approach” in your Leadership textbook.

2. Then read pages 345 for instructions on how to complete the Psychodynamic Approach Survey.

3. Complete the Psychodynamic Approach Survey and then score it following the directions on pages 345-346.

4. Read the scoring interpretation on page 346.

5. Next, create an MS Word document and write a one page paper that specifies your psychological type and summarizes your interpretation of the score. Explain why you agree or disagree with the result. I do not need your score – only your interpretation of the score and if you agree or disagree.

Paper Format:

A. Title Page – Include a title page with your name, student number, title of your paper, course number, course name, and date.

B. Introductory Paragraph – Include an introductory paragraph.

C. Font and Spacing – Use Times New Roman 12 font with double spaced lines.

D. Length – Write a 1 page paper (approximately 350 words), not including the title and citation pages, on your results.

E. Reference Page – Include all sources including your textbook on a Reference page

F. Utilize the APA Style for documenting sources.

G. Punctuation, essay format (thesis, supporting paragraphs with transition and topic sentences, and summary) grammar, and documentation count toward your grade.

6. Save your interpretation as Last Name_Psychodynamic.doc (e.g. Smith_Psychodynamic.doc).

7. When you are ready, upload your Psychodynamic Approach Survey paper for grading.