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Psychology and Education

Refer to Figure 7.2 (p. 208) in the Bjorklund (2011) text and determine which of the SIREAC types seem to be most like you in regards to vocational interests now at this stage in your life. Is this consistent with what it may have been when you were in high school? Evaluate and then expand on your answers. Now refer to Table 7.1 (p. 205). Where do you see yourself on Super’s Five Stages of Career Development and reflect back to where were you in these stages 5-10 (or more) years ago and envision where you see yourself in 5-10 (or more) years? Recognize and expand on what prompted you to enter this graduate program, which serves as a catalyst to where you hope to be personally, professionally and academically in 5-10 (or more) years. Respond substantively to at least two of your classmates’ posts.

You do not have to do in APA format but you do have to do the two references in APA format and once again no plagiarism.
I will have to figure out how to get you 7.2