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Psychology and Education

First choose 2 children of the same gender who would be willing to take a physical ability assessment. One child should be 3-4 years old and the other 5-6.

To administer the physical ability assessment, each child will be asked to perform the following:


1) Walk 10 feet.

2) Hop on both feet (note how high the child hops).

3) Stand on one foot for 5 seconds.

4) Stand on one foot and clap hands.

5) Walk while balancing a book on the head.


1) Walk up stairs (does the child go up one stair at a time or use alternate feet?).

2) Walk down stairs (does the child go down one stair at a time or use alternate feet?).

3) Walk a straight line (put masking tape on the floor and have the child walk on the tape).

4) Walk backward for 10 feet.

5) Lay on the floor and roll like a log (note the direction).

Fine Motor

1) Observe the child’s hand preference (hand the child objects and observe which hand reaches out).

2) Cut paper in a straight line (you might model this but do not draw a line on the paper).

3) Draw a person.

4) Button and button.

5) Tie a shoe.

Create a table/chart/matrix that presents a comparison of the two children. Be sure to comment on how the children approached the tasks.

Based on the assessment, recommend activities that might help each move to his/her next developmental level in these areas.