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Public Relations consultant

You are a Public Relations consultant. You have been contacted to provide advice to an organisation on how to manage a crisis they are currently facing from a PR perspective. They have asked you to write a proposal outlining your recommended approach to this situation, including strategies and tactics for how to communicate with the organisation’s primary and secondary publics. Your proposal will need to include secondary research on the background to this situation, the publics and any other relevant issues, along with your recommendations for primary research the organisation should conduct (eg. public sentiment), both prior to implementation and in evaluation of the strategy.
You may choose one of the following ‘clients’ for this
(Remember, these are hypothetical situations, but the topics have been chosen as you should be able to find an abundance of research sources to give you some ideas given their similarity to recent crises faced by similar ‘real world’ organisations).
1. A major Australian political party is struggling with the public’s perception of its leader, and rumours of potential leadership change, which dominate media coverage of the party. The party is struggling with two issues: improving public attitude toward its leader, and increasing media attention towards its policy intiatives. What is your recommended approach to this situation?
2. Hypothetica is a global oil and gas company based in Brisbane, Australia. It is one of the world’s largest energy companies. an explosion on an oil rig in the Great Barrier Reef killed 6 employees and caused a major oil spill in the reef. Three days ago the company managed to stop the leak and after a number of safety checks is now confident that no further oil will spill from the site. However, the spill has caused extensive damage to the fragile ecosystem of the reef. Safety and engineering procedures are of world class standard at all of Hypothetica’s mining sites, and this is the first instance of such a situation for this company. How do you recommend the organisation handle this crisis?
You many suggest an alternative topic, but if so you must receive approval for that topic from your tutor no later than Week 5.
In outlining your recommended approach you need to consider the primary and secondary publics on which your strategies will be focused. (Media/Employees/Community/Government/Consumers/International relations etc)
You will need to undertake secondary research to provide some background to the situation and justification for your proposed approach. You also need to provide recommendations for primary research the organisation should undertake, both prior to implementation, and in evaluation of, your proposed strategy.