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Ric and Ros

This is interesting information but I think you need to talk more directly about the specific store you have created and the customer who shops there. In other words describe Ric and Ros in more detail. The store should appeal to either a high or low income bracket not both. You are describing the concept of marketing without a lot of specifics about the store itself.
Below is an example of what I mean. The essay below is for a completely different store and customer but you can see how specific and detailed it is. It is obvious you have done some research and you can use this in your final essay but I would like you to start off with something like… “Ric and Ros is a bridal store that is found in large cities across the country. The color palette of the store is pastels and the ceilings are high to create an airy and romantic atmosphere”… and then go on to describe the customer. I am just giving you an example of what I mean…Ric and Ros might be completely different from this description.