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Project description
– laboratory report on sluice gate and
hydraulic jump .
Submission instructions ? This coursework is to be submitted online through this module’s Moodle site ? All pages to be numbered sequentially
Module code Module title Module leader Assignment tutor Assignment title Assignment number
CE2206 Hydraulics S.E.Catmur Dr R.Jayaratne Coursework – laboratory report on sluice gate and hydraulic jump This is the one and only piece of assessed coursework. (There is an earlier piece of formative work for feedback). 25% of the overall assessment, as stated in the module specification Laboratory sessions take place on 17/20th March 2014. Online (through TurnItIn) 11:59pm on Sunday 27th April 2014 7, 8, 9, 10
Weighting Handout date Submission date Learning outcomes assessed by this assignment Turnitin submission requirement Moodle Assignment submission used? Other electronic system used? Additional information
Yes No NO
Turnitin GradeMark feedback used? Moodle Assignment feedback used? Are submissions / feedback totally electronic?
Yes No Yes
Form of assessment: Individual work
Number of assignment copies required: 1 Assignment to be presented in the following format: On-line submission as one document though TurnItIn
Soft copy: Soft copy not required [as electronic submission]
Note to all students Assignment cover sheet – not required for this module as electronic submission
Module CE2206 – Hydraulics Coursework 2014
The procedure in the laboratory is as follows: For a measured volumetric flow rate, take measurements at the following cross sections of channel width, water depth and longitudinal location: ? ? ? ?
Upstream of sluice gate Downstream of sluice gate
Start of hydraulic jump End of hydraulic jump
Assessment Submission: Prepare a report on your group’s sluice gate and hydrau lic jump laboratory work. Your individual report is to be word processed, under the following headings:
1. Introduction 2. Research methodology (inc. Apparatus and procedure) 3. Data (inc. Readings and noted Errors) 4. Analysis (inc. calculations, sketchs, graphs & error analysis) 5. Discussion (inc. discussion of validity of results and comparison with literature) 6. Comments on health and safety 7. Conclusions 8. References
Format for word processed work Arial font must be used. The main text must be at 12 point font and with a line spacing of 1.5. Larger fonts may be used for section headings. Margins must be 40mm left (binding margin) other three margins must be 20mm. The main text must be justified to both margins. Equations and formula must be centred across the page and be written in Microsoft WORD equation editor. Equations must be numbered. The equation numbers must be aligned to the right.
Ensure that your report includes the following: ? ? ? ? Sketch of the appearance of the hydraulic jump, and comparison to published information for the calculated value of the upstream Froude number. Calculation of the depth ratio of the hydraulic jump, and comparison with the predicted value from the hydraulic jump formula. Calculation of the length of the jump, as a multiple of the height, and comparison with published information. Graph showing the water surface and computed total energy head lines along the length of the apparatus, with a discussion of the results.
Note that a theory section is not required in your report, as this was covered in lectures. You are not asked to derive formulae from first principles in this report, but