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School of Business and Economics

Assignment Details: In a group of 2, you will become the marketing department for a large company. Your company will create a marketing plan for a new product or service that you will
initially develop for Kamloops; sort of a test market before you go expand after your first year. Follow the marketing plan outline given below.
For your reference, a sample marketing plan is posted on moodle.
Marketing Plan Outline: content should contain, but is not limited to:
1) Executive Summary,
2) Company Description
3) Strategic Focus and Plan-mission, goals, core competency and sustainable competitive advantage.
4) Situation Analysis-SWOT, Industry analysis, competitor analysis (1 good, 2 is better), company analysis, customer analysis,
5) Market-product focus- marketing and product, target market, points of difference, positioning,
6) Marketing Program- product strategy, price strategy, promotion strategy, place strategy
7) Financial data and projections: Five year projections; Your first year you will be in the Kamloops Market only, second year is all of BC, third year is western Canada, fourth year is all of
Canada, and Fifth year is global expansion in another country of your choice.
8) Organization
9) Implementation Plan
10) Evaluation and Control
11) Appendices and bibliography
a hard copy of your final report; minimum of 15 pages, double spaced, 12 point font, and must be properly referenced.