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Strategic Marketing

It is proposed that the concept of marketing orientation has a number of components:
• customer orientation: understanding customers well enough continuously to create superior value for them;
• competitor orientation: awareness of the short- and long-term capabilities of competitors;
• interfunctional co-ordination: using all company resources to create value for target customers;
• organisational culture: linking employee and managerial behaviour to customer satisfaction;
• long-term creation of shareholder value: as the overriding business objective.
Hooley, G., Piercy, N., and Nicoulaud, B., (2012) Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning, 5th Ed. FT Prentice Hall p.8.
By reference to academic literature, critically evaluate this perspective on marketing orientation. For an identified organisation – I WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH THE NAME – assess its effectiveness
in these components, making management recommendations.
You are required to produce a business report addressed to a specific person in your identified organisation – the Managing Director or equivalent.
The report should have:
• a sound theoretical and conceptual perspective, containing evidence of critical debate within an appropriate academic literature. A minimum of 8 academic journal articles should be
referred to.
• an effective practical foundation, which makes management recommendations.
Presentation and Marking Scheme
1. The report should be based on the material studied on the Strategic Marketing module. However, there needs to be clear evidence of extensive additional academic reading and
engagement with the topic at Master’s level.
2. It should be of 2,000 words, excluding appendices and Executive Summary. The word count for the assignment should appear on the front page/cover sheet. (The report should be within
+/- 10% of the word limit.)
3. This assignment should reflect a balance between:
a. theoretical understanding, evidenced by research from a range of academic journal sources – minimum 8.
b. practical application of theory, evidenced by application to marketing strategy to illustrate your discussion and evaluation.
4. It is an important requirement of the task that you address the specific task stated in this brief and use your own words and ideas.
5. Assessment Criteria
Marks will be allocated as follows:
• Structure and Presentation (15%): Correct use of referencing, bibliography. Structure and quality of written expression
• Use of Appropriate Literature (30%): Evidence of research within the academic literature. Reference to 4 academic papers is a minimum requirement.
• Management application (25%): Evidence of ability to analyse and apply key concepts within a practical context.