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The Ames Memorial Hospital

The Ames Memorial Hospital is located in Canton, Ohio. Because of the tremendous growth of
the Canton area, there have been two additions to the hospital in the last ten years. Two years
ago, it was decided by the Board of Directors of the hospital that another addition to provide
more bed space was needed. Funds were applied for and bonds were sold to finance the design
and the construction of the new addition. Fox Associates, Inc., a small local architectural firm,
was contracted to do the design. Henry Fox, the owner and the only registered architect in the
firm, had designed the last addition to the hospital six years ago. For this reason, Fox was also a
long-time personal friend of the Chairman of the Board of the hospital, Bob Ames, Jr. Ames had
inherited his position from his father. His grandfather had founded the hospital some sixty years
Henry Fox had been in business thirty years, and at the age of 64, had established his name and
reputation throughout the Canton area. He had a Master’s Degree in Architecture and was a past
president of the local chapter of the AIA. His son, Dick, had just graduated from college with a
degree in architecture. Henry Fox had taken him into the business in hopes Dick would someday
take over Fox Associates. The older Fox had been in failing health the past several years, and
was now having trouble keeping up with his workload. Henry Fox took care of the office work
and had put Dick in the field as his representative. Dick was charged with field coordination and
inspection. Fox Associates had a reputation in the Canton area of being tough, but fair on the
general contractors who built their projects. The Ames Hospital project would be Henry Fox’s
last major piece of design work. When this project was complete, he planned on turning the
business over to Dick. He would remain as a figurehead, stamping drawings and helping the
younger Fox get his registration. As soon as that had happened, he was going to retire.
Dick Fox was a young and willing student and at the age of 25, he appeared to have the makings
of a good architect. He had done a little inspection for his father in the past, but nothing on the
magnitude of the Ames project. On this job, he would be in charge of the fieldwork, the liaison
between the owner and the contractors, and also in charge of quality control. One of his major
shortcomings was his inability to keep his mouth shut at the appropriate time. He had
embarrassed his father by his occasional rude comments to owners and contractors alike. Henry
Fox felt, however, this would disappear as young Dick gained experience. D