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The Interim Project Report 30%

This assignment is based on an individual piece of work. The work undertaken directly supports your project.
Part 1
− Project title
− Rationale for Industry choice
− Rationale for chosen companies
− Rationale for the choice of ratios to be used in the analysis. (AT LEAST 10 FINANCIAL AND 3 NON-FINANCIAL RATIOS)
− Prior research (i.e. mini-literature review (to include a detailed environmental scan, competition analysis, or PEST analysis: include analysis on political,
economic, social and technical aspects of your chosen industry).
− Calculate the ratios that you will be using (USE AT LEAST 10 FINANCIAL AND 3 NON-FINANCIAL RATIOS). Note performance can also be related to non financial
ratios so your project may include a wide variety of performance criteria. You are NOT required to analyze the ratios at this stage but to produce a comprehensive
table/summary of all the data you will be using (5 years data is a minimum)
− Plan/timetable (within project time frame)
− References (not included in word count)
The interim report should be typed and should indicate the total number of words, which must NOT exceed 2,500 words. The proposal can be spiral bound or merely stapled
in the top left hand corner. Use an appropriate front sheet on handing in the interim report.
Assessment Criteria
– Convey a sense of purpose about the project.
– Evidence of higher level skills in the choice of industry and companies
– Sound rationale for the use of ratios and other methods to determine success of the company. Using financial ratios alone would be poor
– Provide evidence of reading and enquiry
– Systematic and thorough work
– Presentation – especially the ability to convey ideas succinctly.
You should firstly identify the industry of your choice and select at least 3 and no more than 4 companies which you wish to explore. You should then start to
undertake an environmental scan of the industry. It is very important that you justify the industry of choice and the selection of the companies. You will be marked on
the quality of the evidence submitted. It is also NOT acceptable to generalise on the environmental scan and you must provide some evidence to justify your
conclusions. For example if you are discussing macro economic factors such as inflation and interest rates you should provide evidence on the likely impact of FUTURE
inflation/interest rates on performance.
This assignment is based on an individual piece of work.