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Part Description Points
Possible Points Earned
Page Title page is formatted correctly according to current APA guidelines:
• Running head “label” included.
• Page number included.
• Running head in all capital letters.
• Title centered and correctly capitalized.
• Author’s name presented correctly.
• Institution affiliation presented correctly. 10
Abstract Abstract is formatted correctly according to current APA guidelines:
• Abstract page is located in the correct place in the paper.
• Abstract is 250 words or fewer.
• Heading and justification of text adhere to current APA style
• Abstract provides a brief, but comprehensive summary of the entire paper. 10
Content • Paper includes an appropriate and well thought out introduction and conclusion.
• Author makes meaningful and appropriate use of source material.
• Paper provides a comprehensive and coherent summary of the research on the chosen topic.
• All sources of information described in the body of the paper MUST be cited correctly in currently APA format, and the sources listed on the References page
must match the sources cited in the body of the paper.
• Body of the paper is 3–5 pages of text. (This does not include the title, abstract or references pages). 50
Current APA
Format • Assignment uses both the scholarly writing style and the formatting guidelines specified by current APA.
• Paper is typed and double-spaced using 1” margins.
• Paper uses a standard 12-point font. 15
Style • Assignment utilized appropriate grammar, spelling and punctuation.
• Sentences were clear and well-written.
• Content was well-organized. 20