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Write an analysis of the case brief

Write an analysis of the case brief in the following format: -Facts: The facts briefly indicate (1) the reasons for the lawsuit, (2) the identity and arguments of the parties, and (3) the lower court’s decision (if applicable). -Issue: The issue is the question before the court. The issue must . . . Read more

Too much sodium (salt) in the diet

Explain what might happen when a person has too much sodium (salt) in his diet. HINT: the opposite occurs to the human from the freshwater fish. Discuss what happens to the fluids in the human body and the consequences of too much salt. Use the terms “hypertonic” and “hypotonic” in . . . Read more


What causes a plant cell to be turgid? HINT: Refer to the textbook Ch. 5, p. 76, 5.5 “Water balance between cells and their surroundings is crucial to organisms.” The information about marine plants is misleading. Explain what happens to the cells of the Elodea leaf S1 in distilled water . . . Read more


Explain how and why the red blood cells were affected in each of the solutions:
beaker 1,beaker 2, beaker 3. Explain why the E1 egg in the beaker with distilled water gained weight while the E2 egg in the beaker with 10% salt solution lost weight? HINT: Include the terms “hypotonic” . . . Read more

“Denial-of-Service” attack

Denial-of-Service Attacks Describe what is meant by a “Denial-of-Service” attack. Do you believe that denial-of-service attacks could realistically be used as part of a cyberterrorism or cyber warfare campaign? Is there any evidence of this technique being used successfully by nation-states in warfare? Your initial post should be at least . . . Read more

Writing a negative message

What strategies would you use to maintain a caring, sensitive tone, even when writing a negative message? Provide an example by writing a short e-mail message to a coworker who has requested assistance with a project not on your priority list. Assume you are already overwhelmed with your own work.

Delivering negative messages

In your opinion, when can or must negative messages be delivered using these methods of communication: face-to-face, telephone, printed mail, and e-mail? Provide examples and refer to the readings and your own experiences to support your opinion.

Policing Hate on the Internet

Policing Hate on the Internet identify two challenges that law enforcement and intelligence organizations face when policing hate groups on the Internet. Do you think that police should be able to gather evidence on extremist groups via the Internet? How does the USA Patriot Act, the Electronic Communications Privacy Act . . . Read more