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What are the four types of objectives associated with Fleet planning


Q1. Overall Objectives

What are the four types of objectives associated with Fleet planning?
Provide a brief description of each objective type.

Q2. Attributes of a Good Fleet Plan

What are the three basic attributes of a solid fleet plan?
Provide an explanation of each.
Which of these attributes do you believe is the most vital and why?

Q3. Key Decision Criteria

What are the key decision criteria associated with selecting the right aircraft?
Describe these criteria.
Referring to Figure 2.3 in the textbook, what are the top two key buying factors for “Intra North America” and for “Long Range Europe”? Why do you think they differ?


Q1. Glossary of Definitions

Define the following Production terms: Spill, ASKs (or ASMs), RPKs (or RPMs), Load Factor, RASK (or RASM), Target load Factor

Q2. Determine the Demand in the following example:

170 passengers per day
300 miles per round trip, 2 round trips
Target Load Factor of 65%

Q3. Determine Productivity in the following example:

50-passenger aircraft
flown 400 miles round trip
3 times per day

Q4. Determine the Supply in the following example:

5 aircraft
Productivity per aircraft – 60,000 ASMs


Q1. Broad Philosophies

What are the two big remaining commercial aircraft manufacturers?
Where are they located?
What are the two broad philosophies executed by the two remaining aircraft manufacturers?

Q2. Family Concept

Explain what is meant by the aircraft “family concept”?
How is the family concept, developed?
What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Family Concept?

Q3. Commonality Cost Savings

What are the four areas of cost savings associated with fleet commonality?
Describe the means in which Crew Training can provide cost savings.
Which of these areas do you believe creates the biggest impact on cost and why?

Q4. Airline Product

What are the types of seating configurations used by airlines to create the cabin interior?
What other interior components do airlines use to define their interior product?

Q5. Aircraft Specification

Provide and describe 5 forms of Documentation provided by the aircraft manufacturer to establish the aircraft standard specification.
Provide and describe 5 forms of Documentation produced by the airline to customize the aircraft specifications.